Saturday, 2 May 2015

Guatemala Rocks

Spanish classes, hippies, trekking in Altiplano, sleeping in villagers' houses and washing in Temascal (traditional Mayan sauna), cimbing volcanoes, countless sunrises, liters of aguardiente Brahva, working on engineering project, hitchhiking, tuktukero(s), meeting awesome fantastic inspirational persons and reuniting with the old friends, getting stuck in a hostel for almost 2 months living with people who were more like a family, eating and inventing amazing vegetarian food and cakes (OMG! Diet, diet when I am back), earthquakes, thunder storms, book readings, Easter egg painting, private boats in the middle of the night, discovering the only (hidden) bar in the village, trying out traditional clothing and running in it along the streets without shoes, making alfombras, participating in Easter procession and selling cakes, tonns of guacamole, liters of coffee, dozens of watermelons and papayas, driving in a taxi with a drunk costarican - all of this Guatemala. Cannot believe I've only visited few places, just a half of standard gringo trail has been done. Still Guatemala was an unbeleivable experience that I will never forget (therefore, need to write it down, as I do not have that many photos). I will miss it. I cannot believe my Latinamerican adventure is over. I want to be back, I want to be in Moscow. I want Moscow to be in Latin America. I am about to start new chapter. Exciting.

I need to write about Guatemala!

Sunday, 29 March 2015

I feel very lazy.... maybe next time.

P.S. According to Maya Calendar I am Tijax, Knife. Hehe

Monday, 23 March 2015

Week 58. 23rd Feb-2nd March. Guatemala, Xela

Я решила, что 4 недели в Мексике достаточно, и пересекла границу Гватемалы.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Week 56, 8-15 Feb. Oaxaca

I cannot believe I am only 2 weeks behind now! Almost there! And as I feel inspiration writting in English, I will keep going. Сорри, мами!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Week 57. 16th-22nd February. Chiapas

I tend to spend at least a week in a city and around: Puebla, Oaxaca, now San Cristobal. Chiapas is the mostly indigenous and the poorest departamento of Mexico. Zapatista movement of mid-90s was born here. Now San Cristobal is a huge tourist attraction with plenty of restaurants, hotels, hostels, street vendors pushing you artesanal textile, amber, fake amber, jade, ceramic jaguars, etc...


I promise I'll catch up with this blog soon. For now quick news feed. I am staying in a hostel at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala in a small less touristy village. And I love it! We have such a nice small community here: we have communal meals, hiking together, exploring places, getting to know villagers, befrending evangelist priests, local guides, coffee shop owners and tuk tuk drivers. Beautiful little paradise of great people!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Week 52 Continues, 16-18th Jan, San Gil

It was soo long time ago and I am soo nor motivated to write a lot about it, also almost nothing happened there, so quickly

Week 52, 12-15 Jan, Medellin

Medellin. Второй крупный город Колумбии. Родина Пабло Жксобара. Место тусовки жкспатов. Когда-то один из самыз опасныз городов Колумбии, теперь культурная столица. Для меня жто был еще один большой город, который надо быстро посмотреть и быстро же оттуда уезать.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Week 51, 6-11th Jan, Zona Cafetera

I am finally out of Cali! Forever! No more night shifts! No more salsa. On Tuesday I arrived to Salento to find out that this week is Feria de Salento and it is full of people from all over Colombia partying on the main plaza. Will this partying ever end?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Week 54 Continues. 30th Jan-2nd Feb. Puebla And Adventures In Places Without Hotels

После 4x дней в Мезико, мне зотелось оттуда сбежать, что я и сделала. Первой остановкой была деревня по пути в Puebla, где мы планировали залезть на вулкан, с которого видно все. Но не тут-то было.